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Get to Know The Fullinwider Firm, LLC

Firm Founder

Dean W. Fullinwider, CPA began his public accounting career in 1988. Since 1997 his industry focus has been financial institutions. He has been a public speaker for national and local audiences on a variety of accounting, auditing and consulting topics impacting financial institutions. He has provided technical and practical training for audit staff and financial institution staff to improve understanding, compliance and efficiency. He has written a variety of articles on technical bank accounting issues. He is a member of the Missouri Bankers Association, Kansas Bankers Association, and the Missouri Independent Bankers Association, Missouri Society of Certified Public Accountants, Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Institute of Internal Auditors. He graduated from University of Kansas in 1988.

 In 2013, Dean decided to follow in his father’s footsteps & open his own practice with the goal to provide high quality accounting, audit & consulting services to businesses throughout the KC Metro Area & beyond. Today, The Fullinwider Firm, LLC consists of employees ranging from entry level to expert on a variety of tax, audit & consulting topics. As we continue to grow, we are focused on collaboration with clients that are interested in learning, growing & thriving with our family-owned firm.

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Family Business

Jessie Fullinwider, Dean's daughter, joined the firm as office manager in 2020 after graduating with her degree in Advertising from the University of Oklahoma. Her duties as office manager include recruiting, hiring, human resources, marketing, project management & more. In addition to managing the firm, Jessie also offers recruiting, HR & marketing services to companies of all sizes via her KC-based start up, Sundry KC.


Our mission is simple yet serious. The Fullinwider Firm, LLC is committed to offering accurate & ethical tax, audit & consulting services to every single business & bank we work with. We are transparent in our approach to business & we strive to collaborate with with like-minded clients to produce a mutually beneficial outcome - AKA a 'win-win' situation.


The Firm’s unique collaborative approach with clients brings together technical expertise, innovative ideas, legendary client service, & efficiencies through the use of technology. Our clients benefit from this approach by receiving expert consultation, timely feedback and resolution alternatives that comply with required laws and regulations in practical solutions.

Towering Skyscrapers

Client Experience

At our family-owned-and-operated accounting firm, your experience is our priority. As our company has continued to grow, we have created and evolved our approach of being a teaching firm, meaning we do not expect you to know everything upon walking through our doors. Rather, we are prepared to meet you where you are in your journey, as we invest the time and resources necessary to support you in becoming an expert. In addition, we have developed in-depth training tracks to ensure that our clients are learning and growing with every single engagement.

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